Halibut Fishing

halibutIn the month of may, we will be fishing halibut on pre-selected WDFW dates.

On these trips we will take advantage of the rare opportunity to fish for deep water ling cod. After our limits have been caught, time and weather permitting, we will travel back… View More


Salmon Fishing

salmonSekiu is the beginning of the road for every inland salmon run in Washington and many of Canada’s including the famous Frazier river.. The salmon season typically runs from July through September with a two fish per daily limit. Sekiu is known for its record breaking salmon and the trip is truly breathtaking…..View More


Black Mouth Fishing

black-mouthThis is an incredible winter fishing trip; the Phoenix moves to waters near Seattle during the winter and Captain Rob will share with you his favorite winter honey holes. Relying on experience and knowledge of underwater structures, prize salmon can be caught anytime of the year….View More


Bottom Fishing

bottomWe offer bottom fishing trips out of Sekiu, we’ll travel into waters near Neah Bay and fish for ling cod.
and sea bass. These trips can be quite exciting, and limits are usually not a problem to produce. Although ling cod are a little scary to look at, they taste amazing and you will be the hit of any fish fry! $185.00….View More