About us

Welcome to Sekiu Charters! We are a NW Charter boat specializing in Halibut, Ling Cod, Salmon, Blackmouth and Bottomfish- fishing out of beautiful Sekiu and Neah Bay.

5We offer a variety of fishing excursions, depending on the season and we welcome anglers of all ages and experience aboard! Our pride and joys, The Gambler and Gandy Dancer, are Uniflite Salty Dogs, ready to accommodate up to six passengers each and take you out on the fishing excursion of your dream. Unlike most charter boats, the Gambler and Gandy Dancer is equipped with Scotty down riggers and advanced locating systems, so that the guessing work is taken out of the equation and the focus can be where it should be, fishing.

The fishing season runs through September and will move to the waters near Seattle beginning in November for some of the best Blackmouth fishing known to man. Until then, the excursions will take place out of the serene and breathtaking waters of Sekiu, Washington. Our ‘Certified 50 ton’ Captain, Robert Abner, has been fishing these waters for twenty plus years and his intimate knowledge of these waters will make for a fishing experience that will have you talking for years to come.

17While aboard the Gambler or Gandy Dancer, our friendly Captain and deckhand will do everything in their capacity to ensure a pleasurable and fruitful excursion. Up to six anglers are allowed per boat, ensuring that there is plenty of room for fun and fishing. Sekiu charters provides the highest quality fishing gear and we regularly replace all lures and poles so that you can enjoy the trip without any worries other than landing your dream fish.

If there is any down time between the action, you can enjoy a variety of sea creatures and wildlife indigenous to Sekiu. Bald Eagles can frequently be seen flying overhead and the local beaches boast some of the richest deposits of fossils in the state.

The memories that will be made on the Gambler and Gandy Dancer are sure to last you a lifetime. So, book your trip now on Sekiu Charters.